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Authenticity is important to me, and I seek it out in my work, striving to serve my clients with clean, modern and honest images that reflect their brand.

I'm a straightforward, simple, direct guy, and that's my style as a photographer.  Photographer isn't my only identity: I'm also a husband, a father of two, a deep thinker and hard worker.  I respect my own time just as I respect your time, because I understand that time is something we can't get back once we've spent it. 

You started your business so that you could spend your time utilizing your strengths and talents, not to waste it  on  the things you don’t love.  I get it; I'm the same way. This is your journey and your hustle, and you know what your specialties are. My specialties can free you up to give you efficiency in yours and I do this in 3 ways:

* I listen, hearing people's stories, understanding who they are their in terms of their passions, values and vision.

* I offer authentic, sensible images that are consistent with your business and brand, that will connect with your ideal audience.

* I provide you with the easily accessible, large archive of content imagery that will make it simple to show up consistently with the social media posts that help to keep your business and vision relevant. 

I'm not someone who needs accolades to thrive. Rather, I find fulfillment in knowing that I've helped my clients bring their ideas to life. From lighting to gear to editing, I'm here to help you put your brand story and products into images that serve you.


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